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Scenting Transport Refresh your World

Ambient scenting creates a new way to improve public spaces and
public transport. Scenting increases the perception of
safety and creates fresh and clean environments.


Walking into a public transportation facility like a subway or metro, we are often confronted with unpleasant odours and a feeling of unsafely. Ambient scenting can offer a helping hand in improving these environments. A fresh and clean scent increases the perception of cleanliness of a space as does it improve the perception of safety.

Another extraordinary effect of scenting is that people will experience time spend waiting – due to delay or other reasons- less long. Improving the overall ambience in a transport facility.

Create a fresh and safe environment to match your transport business.


Ambient scenting increases
the perception of safety


Ambient scenting creates
cleaner and fresher
public spaces


Ambient scenting makes
waiting feel less long

Life is about moments: don’t wait for them, create them.

Enhance the perception of safety
scenting metro stations in rotterdam by zaluti Scenting RET Metro Stations in Rotterdam A Signature scent that consist of bergamot,
fresh fig, musk, green note and cedar wood.

the perception
of safety


Clean and

Clean and fresh travelling
scenting ama waterways by zaluti Scenting Ama Waterways Orange, Bergamot, Jasmine, Violet,
Green Tea, Musk, Benzoin
Fly relax with less waiting perception
scenting eindhoven airport by zaluti Scenting Eindhoven Airport Fresh, Bergamot, Rose, Peach, Violet, Raspberry,
Magnolia, Pink Peppercorn

Fly relax
with less


Our fragrances express the expertise and quality of perfumers who have created these exceptional scents, made with the finest materials in the tradition of the great perfumers.

We made a small selection from our favourite scents for ambient scenting in transport.

Signature Scents express the difference

Tell better stories around your products and services and create innovative brand experiences.

Our perfumers have created exceptional scents and they have over 30 years of experience to design the fragrances that match your business.


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