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Scenting Health & Wellness Create a positive ambience

Scenting creates a new way to improve
the relaxing atmosphere and it relieves
stress and anxiety.


In a healthcare facility, many people experience negative emotions of anxiety and stress. Scenting in  these environments helps alleviate fear and stress, and helps patients relax and feel at ease. Use aromas to neutralize malodours, responsible for creating that unpleasant ambiance. 

Wellness institutes use scenting to induce more and long lasting feelings of relaxation. 

Create a unique environment to match your health and/or wellness institute.


Scenting creates
a fresh and relaxing ambience


Scenting reduces
stress, fatigue and anxiety


Improves the ambience
by neutralizing malodours

Life is about moments: don’t wait for them, create them.

Improve the overall patient experience
scenting clinic by zaluti Scenting Velthuiskliniek Bergamot, Orange, Coco, Almond, Vanille,

Improve the
overall patient


Create a fresh
and relaxing

Create a fresh and relaxing ambience
scenting spa by zaluti Scenting Thermen Holiday Orange, Sweet Lime, Eucalyptus, Rosemary,
Mint, Lavender, Musk
Reduce stress and anxiety with scents
scenting dentist practices by zaluti Over 100+ dentist practices Bergamot, Fresh Fig, Jasmine, Cardamom,
Cedar Wood, Musk, Coconut.

Reduce stress
and anxiety
with scents


Our fragrances express the expertise and quality of perfumers who have created these exceptional scents, made with the finest materials in the tradition of the great perfumers.

We made a small selection from our favourite scents for scenting in health & wellness.

Signature Scents express the difference

Tell better stories around your products and services and create innovative brand experiences.

Our perfumers have created exceptional scents and they have over 30 years of experience to design the fragrances that match your business.


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