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  • Safari

    A bold and fresh scent of mineral, woody and citrus notes. Read more

  • Amber Magic

    A perfume with intense peppers in top, elegant flowers and woods. Read more

  • Bois de Cedre

    A deep and rich fragrance warmed with precious woods densified by amber, frankincense and patchouli notes in the base. Read more

  • Arabian Oudh

    A perfume powered with strength featuring smoky accords laid on a leather and woodybase. Read more

  • Autumn

    A composition made of pure wood sublimated by oriental amber notes. Read more

  • Luxury Leather

    An extremely attracting perfume thanks to its leather and woody accords in heart. Read more

  • Fig & Woods

    A sensual mixture of woody accords and coconut enhanced with green notes with anise accents. Read more

  • Feu des Bois

    A full of power perfume of smoked wood with spices and leather emanations. Read more

  • Oriental Tonka

    Starting out with notes of lovely pepper notes that develop to a heart of spicy cinnamon. Read more


  • Sel Marine

    The fresh and optimistic opening notes add up to aquatic heart notes. Read more

  • Primavera

    A relaxing floral fruity fragrance composed of green apples all along with rose absolute. Read more

  • Aqua di Sicilia

    A bracing green accord that goes to your head, a wave of freshness in the heart. Read more

  • White

    An elegant perfume that is fresh in top, delicately floral in heart softened with a musky base. Read more

  • Acqua

    A refreshing and soft fragrance with accents of melon and roses. Read more

  • Winter Water

    Feel the cold of Winter period, contrasted to oriental notes of cardamom and Guaiac wood. Read more


  • Champagne

    A glass of champagne with two fresh raspberries and fizzy. Read more

  • Cappuccino

    A gourmand fragrance of strong coffee finished with deep vanilla accords. Read more

  • Baked Bread

    A gourmand fragrance of hot bread just coming out of the oven. Read more

  • Fresh Orange

    An energising perfume with punchy orange notes empowered with lime juice accentuated with mint. Read more

  • Bounty Beach

    A gourmand fragrance, explosive cocktail of coconut warmed with vanilla. Read more

  • Jardin des Baies

    This composition opens with fruity notes developing to a floral heart of geranium. Read more

  • Mysterious Fruit

    A sunny and fruity fragrance enriched with juicy plums and rhubarb. Read more

  • Choco Orange

    A zest of crystallized orange, covered with an intense melting chocolate. Read more

  • Coffee Caramel

    A strong and tempting scent of coffee complemented by sweet and intense caramel aroma. Read more

  • Chocolate Truffle

    A mesmerizing fragrance of deep and rich chocolate notes and cocoa scent. Read more

  • Café Noir

    A tasty strong and gourmand scent. Read more

  • Winter Ambiance

    A surprising and inimitable blend of citrus fruits and spices like pepper, clove and cinnamon. Read more


  • Tuscan Fig

    A sweet and floral fragrance with main fig and coconut notes, freshened by gentle green accords. Read more

  • Fig Garden

    A sweet and floral fragrance with main fig and green notes, freshened by gentle fresh accords. Read more

  • Menthe Fraîche

    The inimitable vitality of freshly crushed mint leaves accentuated by bergamot notes on top. Read more

  • Green Tea

    An infusion of rose petals and opulent jasmine flowers intensified by pepper notes and thyme. Read more

  • Black Tea

    An infusion of rose petals and opulent jasmine flowers intensified by citrus accords in head. Read more

  • Hammam

    The sublime intensity of aromatic accords of rosemary and mint freshened with fresh notes. Read more

  • Ginger Lime

    The luminous opening burst of bergamot and orange releases its fresh, exhilarating facets. Read more

  • Mediterranée

    A fresh breeze of flowery notes with fruity and juicy notes of peach and blackcurrant. Read more

  • Blanc & Bleu

    A fresh and uplifting fragrance a citrus and bergamot on a oak moss heart. Read more

  • Fresh Linnen

    A Fresh and white scent of peach, tuberose and hibiscus opening in a core of woods and orris. Read more

  • Green Flower

    A fresh and green bouquet illuminated by mandarin notes. Read more


  • Vanilla Blossom

    A Vanilla pod enveloped in fresh and delicate white opulent flowers. Read more

  • Magnolia Pepe

    The composition opens with fresh citrus flavours of bergamot, announcing a floral heart. Read more

  • Spring Crocus

    Floral accords deepened by musky violets in a voluptuous density and addictive sensuality. Read more

  • Iris Poudre

    A rich blend of violet iris flowers with a woody sensual side and smelled of incense and vanilla notes. Read more

  • Bright Flowers

    A lace of bright and white flowers made of tuberose and jasmine petals. Read more


  • Bella Donna

    This fragrances gives the main role to cinnamon and incense along with feminine aromas of roses. Read more

  • Costa Blue

    An adventurous trip into the wild desert made of hot spices and warm woods. Read more

  • Olive Grove

    The blend of this summer aroma brings an attractive, fascinating feeling of La Provence. Read more

  • Patchouli Noir

    The sublime intensity of patchouli revealed by a warm vanilla and amber notes. Read more

  • Seychelles

    An exotic perfume, subtle blend comprising orange, coconut, and vanilla. Read more

  • SunSet

    A chic and woody cedarwood married to a rose sublimated by musk amber gris. Read more

  • Sky

    A seductive masculine scent dedicated to a self-confident man refined with precious woods and sensual musks. Read more

  • Velvet Beauty

    The perfect combination of sensuality and glamour, rich in tonka bean and warm vanilla. Read more

  • Fougere Royale

    Extremely fresh notes intensified by bergamot married to a surprising oregano heart. Read more

  • Key West

    A bold, masculine attitude. The clean scent of fresh citrus and warm musk. Read more

  • Noir

    A warm and ambery fragrance which takes its character from a spicy accord. Read more

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