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Air: 2 scent marketing machine

The Zaluti Air: 2 scent marketing machine is an innovative
design with the capability of scenting spaces up to 750 m³.

Zaluti scent marketing machine

The scent marketing machine of Zaluti, is designed with scent in mind. Its qualitative materials and handcrafted components, makes it the best solution for scent marketing.


Elegant & Refined

The Zaluti Air:7 scent marketing machine is an effort to achieve the highest grade of quality and performance. This can be seen in materials, design and eventually the scenting of areas where it will be placed. Read more about the Zaluti Air:7 →


Smart & Innovative

The Zaluti Air:1 scent marketing machine is a small machine, which nevertheless provides scents in large areas of up to 750 m³. Read more about the Zaluti Air:1 →



The Zaluti Air: 10 scent marketing machine is our highest capacity machine. It contains powerful technology and is often used in HVAC systems. Read more about the Zaluti Air:10 →


Modular & Compact

Our modular scent marketing machine is the Zaluti Air: 3. This machine can be applied in toilet groups, separate offices and hallways. Read more about the Zaluti Air:3 →

scent marketing machine

1. Craftmanship

Our aromas are made by highly qualified perfumers from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. This ensures a rich and powerful experience of scent.

scent marketing machine

2. Design

Aroma marketing stimulates senses and have unique characteristics to positively influence people’s memories, moods and attitudes. It is a powerful marketing tool which complements other marketing implementations.

scent marketing machine

3. Solution

As an expert on aroma marketing, Zaluti has the expertise and experience to provide the best available solutions in aromas and scent machines for every type of branch.

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