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Professional scent marketing

Professional scent marketing creates an extra
value for customers and visitors
for a variety of businesses and institutes

Zaluti - Scent marketing

With scent marketing you will create an environment which has emphasis on creating positive emotions. This means it recalls beautiful memories, a feeling of calmness, relaxation and an uplifting feeling of happiness.

Use scent marketing in your marketing approach to create an optimal shopping experience, let your guests enjoy, stimulate your employees and create the perfect atmosphere. Discover the power of scent!

Scent Marketing in Retail

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to influence customers positively. Scent marketing prolongs the time of customers spending in a store, which stimulates their willingness to purchase in a positive way. Read more →

Scent Marketing in Hospitality

Scent marketing within hotels creates the perfect atmosphere, improves the impression of guests and increases the chances of returning guests. Read more →

Scent Marketing in Health & Wellness

In medical institutes clients may experience fear or stress. Scent marketing has a positive influence in decreasing these negative emotions. It creates a safe environment with a calm ambiance. Read more →

Scent Marketing in Leisure

Correct implementation of scent marketing decreases notion of time. This creates a better atmosphere and contributes to the journey of customer experience within for example, casino’s, theatres and other leisure related companies. Read more →

Scent Marketing in Transport

Scent marketing creates new possibilities to contribute to a better and more pleasant environment of public buildings and public transport. Scent marketing improves the feeling of a safe and clean environment. Read more →

Scent Marketing

1. Quality

The scent marketing aromas are produced of the highest quality raw materials. The aromas are developed by the best French perfumers and meets all recent European laws and regulations.

Scent Marketing

2. Science

Scent marketing has influence on behaviour. It creates beautiful moods, moments and unique memories. Scent marketing stands for positively affecting senses.

Scent Marketing

3. Branch

For every branch and desired ambiance, we can supply aromas. From scents for retail businesses up to hotels and medical institutes. We are pleased to provide you with tailored advise on implementation of scents.

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