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Scent Machine AIR:2

Compact, silent and powerful Air:2
fits perfectly into any interior design. MORE →


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scent machines

1. Craftsmanship

The Zaluti scent machines are the optimal synergy of form and function. An elegant, silent and compact design that delivers exceptional performance way beyond its dimensions. A new way to improve the ambiance of our living spaces. The scent machines fits perfectly into any interior design.

scent machines

2. Design

Excellent engineering and its Dutch Design ensure your experience with the Zaluti scent machines are great. We only use high quality materials like stainless steel, anodized aluminium and real leather.

scent machines

3. Solutions

A wide range of high performance scent machines with advanced features are created to offer the best solution for each situation. From compact ground model to HVAC connected scent machines. All designed with scent in mind.

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