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Air: 2 scent diffuser machine

The Zaluti Air: 2 scent diffuser machine is a unique concept of scent marketing by Zaluti

Zaluti scent diffuser machine

The Zaluti scent diffuser machine is designed and produced to create an extra customer value by scent. Companies often focus on visual experiences but tend to forget the essence of scent. Scent marketing is an innovative way of creating a wonderful atmosphere.


Elegant & Refined

The Zaluti Air: 7 scent diffuser machine is our exclusive model. It is a machine produced with the durable materials and designed to be unique in every aspect. Read more about the Zaluti Air:7 →


Smart & Innovative

The Zaluti Air: 1 scent diffuser machine is available in different variations and colours. It is easy to handle and powerful enough to provide scents to large areas. Read more about the Zaluti Air:1 →



The Zaluti Air: 10 scent diffuser machine is especially designed with micro diffusing technology. This technology makes sure the scent spreads equally through the space. Read more about the Zaluti Air:10 →


Modular & Compact

The Zaluti Air: 3 scent diffuser machine aims at providing scent to various spaces. This advantage can be used to use different scents at the same time. Read more about the Zaluti Air:3 →

Scent diffuser machine

1. Craftmanship

Zaluti scent diffuser machines are crafted by experienced craftsman from Holland. The high quality materials contribute to an extremely durable product.

Scent diffuser machine

2. Design

Our scent diffuser machines are designed with the goal of provided scent to large areas. Scent marketing is an essential part of marketing approaches by various businesses.

Scent diffuser machine

3. Solution

A scent diffuser machine can be applied in various ways to be effective. This flexibility ensures our customers of the perfect scent experience in every applicable area.

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