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Fragrance marketing

Fragrance marketing is a unique way of equipping
businesses of additional marketing tools to create
a comfortable stay of customers. This can
increase the time of customers staying in stores and therefore
have a positive effect on profits

Zaluti - Fragrance marketing

Fragrance marketing is effective because it has a direct influence on the olfactory system. The olfactory system dictates our feelings and emotions. So an attractive scent has a positive influence on how we behave and think. Fragrance marketing is an essential part of your marketing approach.

Fragrance marketing in Retail

Fragrance marketing can be applied in every type of branch or business. In retail it is applied to contribute to customer satisfaction and experience. I creates a perfect balance between what customers see in stores and what they smell. Read more →

Fragrance marketing in Hospitality

For the hotel branch fragrance marketing is a meaning of branding and exceeding customer expectations. It adds an extra dimension to what customers experience during their stay. Read more →

Fragrance marketing in Health & Wellness

Stress and a feeling of fear often is experienced by clients of for instance hospitals or dentist. Fragrance marketing is a way of reducing negative feelings and stress. Also the typical smell of such institutes can be neutralized by aromas of fragrance marketing. Read more →

Fragrance marketing in Leisure

Fragrance marketing in the leisure branch is highly recommended. Leisure is always looking for innovative ways of surprising their customers. Scent is a way of surprising and creating beautiful memories. Read more →

Fragrance marketing in Transport

A clean and safe environment has always been a major issue in public spaces and transport. A clean scent by fragrance marketing is able to create a safe and clean feeling among users of confined public areas like metro stations and buildings. Read more →

Fragrance marketing

1. Quality

The raw materials that Zaluti uses to produce the scent machines and fragrances is of exceptional high quality. Scents are developed in Grasse and the machines in The Netherlands.

Fragrance marketing

2. Science

Fragrance marketing is of direct influence on emotion behaviour and attitude. Marketing is always applied to have a direct influence on these aspects. Fragrance marketing is an essential part of your marketing approach.

Fragrance marketing

3. Branch

For every specific goal there is a solution with fragrance marketing. Zaluti is expert in applying different types of scent machines and fragrances to achieve your goal.

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