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Air: 2 fragrance machine

An Zaluti Air: 2 fragrance machine is ideal for wall-mounting
and is able to create scent marketing for spaces up to 1000 m³

Zaluti fragrance machine

The Zaluti fragrance machine consists of durable raw materials and well-thought design. This combination creates the perfect fragrance machine to achieve scent marketing at its best. Our scent experts select tailored scents and a suitable fragrance machine for every imaginable space.


Elegant & Refined

The Zaluti Air:7 fragrance machine is Made in Holland at its best. The durable materials provides a long term form of scent marketing with user friendly options. Read more about the Zaluti Air:7 →


Smart & Innovative

A Zaluti Air: 1 fragrance machine is a design which effortless provides scent for spaces between 500 and 1000 m³. Read more about the Zaluti Air:1 →



For HVAC systems or larger areas, Zaluti has developed a powerful fragrance machine. The advanced technology provides every area of high quality scents. Read more about the Zaluti Air:10 →


Modular & Compact

Another wall-mounted fragrance machine is our Zaluti Air: 3. These compact wall systems are programmable with a Zaluti Multi Controller. Read more about the Zaluti Air:3 →

Fragrance machine

1. Warranty

Every Zaluti fragrance machine comes with 3 years warranty. Our efforts to provide durably and long lasting fragrance machines is one of our priorities.

Fragrance machine

2. Design

A Zaluti fragrance machine is designed with scent in mind. This means every detail of the machine contributes to its effortless providing of scent.

Fragrance machine

3. Solution

Every area is different in terms on content, air circulation and measurements. Zaluti fragrance machines are adjustable to fit every situation.

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