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Air: 2 commercial scent machine

The commercial scent machine of Zaluti is compact, yes delivers
a powerful scent marketing experience

Zaluti commercial scent machine

A commercial scent machine is a specialized form of scent marketing. Zaluti is a producer of commercial scent machines which are labelled Made in Holland. The durability and capacity of providing scent to large areas, makes it an affordable, yes qualitative solution.


Elegant & Refined

The Zaluti Air: 7 commercial scent machine is a proven combination of design and functionality. Its options and capability of providing scent to spaces up to 1000 m³ makes it unique. Read more about the Zaluti Air:7 →


Smart & Innovative

The commercial scent machine with a wide variety of colours is the Zaluti Air: 1. This machine is small, but is made of high quality materials. Read more about the Zaluti Air:1 →



A commercial scent machine with the capacity of the Zaluti Air: 10 is a rare occasion. Its micro diffusion technology makes it one the most advanced commercial scent machines available. Read more about the Zaluti Air:10 →


Modular & Compact

The Zaluti Air: 3 commercial scent machine is developed to be flexible and stylish. The fine mechanics provides scenting for separate areas and is applicable in every type of business. Read more about the Zaluti Air:3 →

Commercial scent machine

1. Quality

Thanks to innovative use of materials and advanced production technologies, our commercial scent machines are of unprecedented quality.

Commercial scent machine

2. Design

Commercial scent machines are designed with innovative features to enhance customer experience and highly effective usability for its users.

Commercial scent machine

3. Solution

Zaluti commercial scent machines are developed to be applied in demanding situations. This reassures its users that a Zaluti machine provides solutions for every surrounding.

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