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That is what it is all about at Zaluti; the perfect scenting experience derives from the quality of our aroma’s and scent machines.

This message will be presented with pride at the upcoming Interclean event in Amsterdam. From the 15th until the 18th of May hundreds of companies within the professional cleaning industry will be present again.

Zaluti will introduce her new FRSH line aroma’s and innovative scent machines which will be perfect for implementation at various cleaning industry purposes. Durability, quality and cost-efficiency are key elements at Zaluti.

Because of a unique vaporization technique and the high quality aroma’s, one bottle of 200 ml can last up to 275 days.  This life span, in combination with our maintenance free machines, will translate into very low operational costs, in comparison to traditional methods of scenting.

Zaluti Air: 3 scent machine

Scent contributes to a feeling of cleanliness, fresh and safe environment. A direct consequence is that visitors are tend to keep an environment clean of waste, which directly results in lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

Clean, fresh and safe"


With 3 years of international warranty and a minimum life span of 7 years, the choice of a Zaluti scent machine is a durable, future proof choice with minimum investment.  

Do you wish to experience our aroma’s and machines yourself, or do you want to learn more about scent marketing? During the Interclean you are welcome at stand 11.507. You can registrar your visit through this link. Besides the Interclean, you are also welcome at our Experience Center in Oosterhout, The Netherlands.

For more information or an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us 


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