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Why Scent in Leisure?


Why Scent in Leisure?


Because 70% of our emotions are determined by what we smell. But what does that mean in practice? A good example is the application of, for example, a chocolate scent in a chocolate museum. Or a sweet cookie smell at the cottage of Hansel and Gretel in the Efteling and a sea scent at a maritime museum. Wonderful examples of how people can be drawn into a certain atmosphere.

"Behavior, assessments and feelings are determined by what we smell" Waardenburg, M. (2009, November 17)

And what is more important in the Leisure than what we feel, experience and experience. How important is it not that visitors to amusement parks, museums, play paradises are treated to a unique experience. As a company you want your visitors to return, stay as long as possible and consider their leisure activities as successful. That smell perception is an important part of achieving these goals is already known.

The Efteling in The Netherlands

A completely different approach to fragrance perception within leisure has come over from the United States. For example, all casinos on the strip in Las Vegas have their own fragrance. Why? To reduce the notion of time and to activate people. You will never see a clock hanging in a casino for instance. In addition, scent creates a memory of a certain place or a certain brand. This increases the return intention and contributes to a longer stay at the relevant location.

Research has shown that spaces in casinos generate 45% more turnover with scent marketing in place."


Thus, the research of Gael D. Hancock (2009, December).

Following this theme, AllSens will be at the Euro Attraction Show in Amsterdam at the end of September. The fair is all about leisure. The fair will be visited with more than 8,500 visitors during the previous edition and 500+ exhibitors.

Do you wish to experience our aromas and the scent machines themselves, or do you want to know more about the possibilities of scent marketing within Leisure? You are most welcome at stand 3-118 during the Euro Attraction Show. In addition, you are always welcome at our Experience Center in Oosterhout.

For more information or an appointment, please contact us via the form or dial +31 (0) 85  485 24 52.

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