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The importance of scent experience in sanitary rooms


The importance of scent experience in sanitary rooms


Solutions against unpleasant odours  

Everyone knows the problem of unpleasant smells in sanitary rooms. You visit a toilet and you smell odours that you would rather not smell. The nasty scents that the previous users left behind can make your toilet visit unpleasant. It is clear that this is a common problem in toilets and toilet groups.

"By working with a scent system from our new brand Toiluxx, you can neutralize unpleasant odours in sanitary rooms."


Why sanitary fragrance perception is important:

1. Brand experience

Do you strive for optimal brand experience? Then you want this to be seen and smelled on all fronts in your company. Also in rooms where your brand is less represented (e.g. the toilet). The added value of scent marketing is thereby further underlined.

2. Perception of the smell

In certain rooms, the perception of hygiene has the highest priority. However, the fact that something is clean to the eye does not mean that this is also experienced by the visitor. Fragrance experience plays an important role in this. Make sure with scenting that a room also smells nice and is experienced as "clean".

3. Mask unwanted odours

Unpleasant odours in a room? This not only lowers the appreciation of the specific room, it can also be transferred to the company itself. In short, masking these odours is an important goal to not let odours harm your company.

Toiluxx vs. other solutions:

1. Sustainability

Our machines and materials are very durable and have robust design. This protects them against damage/violence and you are guaranteed of a beautifully working device in your toilet. Our machines also have a minimum life expectancy of up to 7 years!

2. Maintenance-friendly

No more worrying about your Toiluxx fragrance machine once it has been installed. No hassle with changing batteries or the upkeep of the machine itself. Our fragrances also require little attention and last a long time.

3. Quality scents

Other machines can sometimes have very chemically smelling scents and are therefore not really fresh and pleasant. Our special scents from France are of top quality and last a very long time (months).

4. Flexibility in design

Are you looking for a machine that seamlessly matches your wishes and interior? Then the Toiluxx machines offer a solution. The look and feel of the housing (design, colour) can be adjusted in any environment. It is also possible to completely conceal our toilet solutions in ceilings and walls, so that nothing is visible on the walls.

5. Free service package

After purchasing a Toiluxx fragrance machine, we help you exchange the scents and control the systems free of charge. That way you no longer have to worry about your scent system.

Toiluxx scents that we recommend

Some scents lend themselves well to use in toilets. To use Toiluxx odour neutralization, we recommend using the following scents:


Facility Trade Fair

During the Facility and Building Management Fair we are happy to present our new brand Toiluxx. Register via this link and drop by Toiluxx on stand number: 01BV.G8. We are happy to tell you more about our new brand and the accompanying scent systems.

"Toiluxx, the Dutch brand for high-quality and sustainable fragrance experience in toilets."


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