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Scenting applicable for every type of branch


Scenting applicable for every type of branch


During the month March, Zaluti presented its solutions and scent machines at three different exhibitions. As you could have read in an earlier blog, the Euroshop was one of them. Zaluti also presented its products at the IDS, one of the most renown dentist fairs of the world. Last but not least, Zaluti als exhibited at the Zorgtotaal, a Dutch exhibition for health and care branch. 

Scenting and the use of scent machines seems to become more important for a variety of branches. During the exhibitions people were interested in solutions and a high quality machine to enhance different environments with scent.

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Scenting delivers a calming effect, creates a unique ambiance, contributes to a feeling of cleanliness, can have a postive effect on sales and adds customer value.

For these three different branches, the desired effects can be implemented differently. For instance, a dentist may be in need of a more calming scent to apply in waiting rooms. This can distress the patient, which makes surgergy for both the patient and the dentist a more convenient experience. Health and care clinics will have a need for solving the problem of unpleasent scents. And last but not least, retail businesses are in need of creating extra customer value in order to improve sales and enhance shopping experience. Zaluti scent machines are able to supply in all of these and other needs.

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Waiting line at IDS 2017

The solution for businesses and clinics comes from years of experience as an expert on scenting. Zaluti produces high quality scent machines and all of our scents are from Grasse. The scents comply to all European IFRA, REACH and CLP regulations. Zaluti provides customers with tailored advice on which scents to use, and which scent machines are most suitable for their specific location. 

Experts of Zaluti and their high quality scent machines, contributes to a solution of our clinic, as to a solution to health and care institutes in general" - CEO Health clinic


In conclusion, Zaluti had three succesful exhibitions. In total, over hunders of thousends of people visited the exhibitions. Besides that succes, Zaluti was proud to present two new scent machines, namely the Zaluti Air: 4 and the Zaluti Air: 8. The first is capable of supplying scent to spaces between 500 and 1000 m³ and the latter has a capacity of 3000 m³. 

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