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Scent marketing in flagship store Burberry Regent Street


Scent marketing in flagship store Burberry Regent Street


Burberry has opened her biggest flagship store in the world in London. This beautiful monumental building was home to a theatre, before Burberry moved in. Burberry renovated en decorated the building completely in style. Nothing was left to chance and that is the reason why they chose scent marketing as a supporting aspect of creating customer experience at its best.

Zaluti is the premium supplier when it comes to scenting in Burberry stores. That is why Zaluti also provides scent machines to three other Burberry stores in London; Covent Garden, Bond Street and Knightsbridge.

In fine collaboration with Burberry, Zaluti composed and created two unique scents for one of the world’s most familiar fashion houses.

During spring and summer the Zaluti scent machines diffuse a special Spring Crocus scent. During autumn and winter the scent machines diffuse a special Autumn scent. Both scents perfectly match the Burberry stores and their branding concept.

Burberry chose Zaluti as a partner in scent marketing for a reason. Zaluti has 20 years of experience and works with unique scents machines. These are able to provide a pleasant aroma for every possible space, by means of a unique micro diffusing technology.

Zaluti has 10 years of experience and works with unique scents machines."


The aromas are composed without any chemical scent carrier, nor do they contain water and/or alcohol. By only using products of the highest quality, Zaluti provides the perfect scenting of the Burberry flagship store and others in London.

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