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Scent marketing in Björn Borg fashion stores


Scent marketing in Björn Borg fashion stores


It is a familiar name within the fashion world, Björn Borg. The former tennis player created his own brand and nowadays almost every city centre is home to one of the many Björn Borg stores.There are many stores who adapted the approach of scent marketing. Scent marketing, a relatively unknown concept of marketing, but it exists for over 20 years at least. It is a way of contributing to the overall concept of customer experience. It is a meaning of adding extra customer value, besides the regular values of marketing such as visuals and sounds.

That is the exact reason why Björn Borg chose Zaluti as an expert, to implement scent marketing to their businesses. 

With over 20 years of experience in developing scent machines, creating scents and applying scent marketing in different branches all over the world, Zaluti is the leading expert on scent marketing.Zaluti uses aromas that are composed without any chemical scent carrier, nor do they contain water and/or alcohol. The aromas are made by the best perfumers from Grasse, the birthplace of perfume and scents.


By only using products of the highest quality, Zaluti provides the perfect scents for different Björn Borg stores.

It is a meaning of adding extra customer value"


Björn Borg stores who are using scent marketing, make use of an especially developed scent which perfectly match the brand. This fresh business aroma goes well with the sporting attitude of the brand and that is what they had in mind when they chose Zaluti.

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