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Aroma marketing

Influencing behaviour, knowledge and attitude are key
aspects of marketing. Aroma marketing is one of the pillars
of a complete and functional marketing approach in a variety of businesses

Zaluti - Aroma marketing

Aroma marketing is able to stimulate senses in an innovative way. It has direct influence on our sense of smell which determines our mood and emotional expressions. An example of the effect of aroma marketing in stores is the prolonging of time spend in a store. This can increase the selling of items and therefore profits.

Aroma marketing in Retail

Aroma marketing has proven to be effective for retailers. They state the effect is measurable by positive feedback of their customers. Read more →

Aroma marketing in Hospitality

For hotels the goal is to satisfy customers by any means. Aroma marketing is a meaning to achieve this satisfaction in a unique way. Read more →

Aroma marketing in Health & Wellness

Wellness applies aroma marketing to ensure customers get a complete feeling of relaxation. Not only by physical care, but also by creating a perfect ambiance for our olfactory sense. Read more →

Aroma marketing in Leisure

Businesses in leisure always strive for a complete customer experience. Focus on visual aspects is not enough anymore. Music and aroma plays a great role nowadays. Read more →

Aroma marketing in Transport

Governments are looking for ways to create safe public environments. Certain aromas can have a positive effect on the feeling of safety and cleanliness. Therefore aroma marketing is applied in transport and other public spaces like buildings. Read more →

Aroma marketing

1. Quality

Our aromas are made by highly qualified perfumers from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. This ensures a rich and powerful experience of scent.

Aroma marketing

2. Science

Aroma marketing stimulates senses and have unique characteristics to positively influence people’s memories, moods and attitudes. It is a powerful marketing tool which complements other marketing implementations.

Aroma marketing

3. Branch

As an expert on aroma marketing, Zaluti has the expertise and experience to provide the best available solutions in aromas and scent machines for every type of branch.

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