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Ambient scenting Leisure Stimulate all senses

Ambient scenting creates a new way to stimulate all senses
in leisure experiences. Enhance the overall
visitor experience!


Leisure is paramount to people. Ambient scenting offers new ways to improve the overall guest experience and will make for more memorable moments in people’s free time. Let guests lose track of time and enjoy themselves. Ambient aromas create unique leisure experiences that will drastically enhance your brand value.

Create a gourmand and enjoyable environment with ambient scenting and surpass the expectations of your leisure guests.


Ambient scenting reduces
the sense of time


Ambient scenting creates
a better/total visitor


Ambient scenting creates
more memorable experiences

Life is about moments: don’t wait for them, create them.

Fairy tale experience with fairy tale scenting
1. deck Ambient scenting De Efteling - Themepark Appel, Peach, Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Musk,
Lemon, Bergamot

Fairy tale
experience with
fairy tale scenting


in gourmand

Theatrical experience in gourmand environment
2. deck Ambient scenting Luxor Theater Coffee, Fenugreek, Gourmand, Vanilla,
Almond, Chocolate, Benzoin
Lose track of time with enjoyable scents
3. deck Ambient scenting Jack’s Casino Green Note, Plum, Fig, Rhubarb, Coco,
Violet, Vanilla

Lose track
of time with
enjoyable scents


Our fragrances express the expertise and quality of perfumers who have created these exceptional scents, made with the finest materials in the tradition of the great perfumers.

We made a small selection from our favourite scents for ambient scenting in leisure.

Signature Scents express the difference

Tell better stories around your products and services and create innovative brand experiences.

Our perfumers have created exceptional scents and they have over 30 years of experience to design the fragrances that match your business.


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