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Professional air scent

Air scent is a unique form of marketing by using air scent
at physical locations. Air scent is adapted by various organizations
to enhance people’s emotions and feeling of comfort.

Zaluti - Air scent

Air scent has a direct influence on our olfactory system. This means moods of people can directly depend on the scent they perceive. Zaluti scent air machines diffuses unique scents evenly through certain spaces, to constantly create an atmosphere that customers can experience.

Air scent contributes to an optimal experience of stores, buildings, showrooms, metrostations and all other sorts of spaces. The time people spend in a certain space can be increased and as direct cause profits may increase.

Air scent in Retail

Air scent is able to create customer value in a new form. Nowedays, the focus of visual marketing is shifting to scent marketing. Influencing the olfactory sense is becoming of greater importance to bind and satisfy customers during their stay or visit. Read more →

Air scent in Hospitality

Hotels have an emphasis on satisfying customers. They achieve this by service, neat rooms, extra services and being visually attractive. Air scent can add another dimension to customer experience. Hotels therefore can create a brand with their own scent. Read more →

Air scent in Health & Wellness

Scent air in medical institutes can decrease the feeling of fear and stress of patients. Certain scents have the ability to create a calm atmosphere. For medical and health care companies this is an advantage in order to help patients to get calm, before they receive the help they need. Read more →

Air scent in Leisure

Air scent has the unique capability of creating an invisible experience in Leisure. Customers can be surprised by air scent as it has an positive influence on their cognitive behaviour. Air scent creates happy moods and recalls beautiful memories of scents. Read more →

Air scent in Transport

Air scent has a function to create a feeling of safety and cleanliness. This function is a main reason for public spaces, buildings and transport to apply air scent. This will make confined public areas more attractive for civil usage. Read more →

Air scent

1. Warranty

The combination of fine craftsmanship in The Netherlands and high quality raw materials, ensures users of an optimal air scent. Our machines have a 5-year warranty.

Air scent

2. Science

Having a positive influence of people’s perceptions and behaviour is one of the most valuable achievements. Air scent is part of this process and therefore is a direct contribution to stimulating sales or having positive effect on people’s well-being.

Air scent

3. Solution

Air scent is applicable in every type of organization with different goals. Our air scent experts are experienced in tailored advice on air scent solutions. We are happy to exceed your goals.

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