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Air: 2 scent air machine

The advanced Air:2 scent air machine is a wall-mounted machine,
which fits in every type of surroundings.

Zaluti scent air machine

The scent air machine of Zaluti contains two characteristics, namely function and design. Both characteristics are designed in a way, that the scent air machine in its compact form is able to provide complete scenting for large areas.

Its design and technology enables the scent air machine to get the most out of its capability.


Elegant & Refined

The Zaluti Air:7 scent air machine is of the highest classe design within our product range. During the development, a lot of effort went into design, functionality and quality. Read more about the Zaluti Air:7 →


Smart & Innovative

The Zaluti Air:1 scent air machine is available in multiple colours. This small, but powerful scent air machine can be applied everywhere. Read more about the Zaluti Air:1 →



The powerful Air: 10 scent air machine is developed for large surfaces. The scent air machine is capable of delivering scent up to spaces of 3000 m3. Read more about the Zaluti Air:10 →


Modular & Compact

The Zaluti Air: 3 is a scent air machine with an eye for design and usability. Because of the modular concept, its able to provide scents in multiple spaces. Read more about the Zaluti Air:3 →

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1. Craftmanship

The used materials are carefully crafted and are of supreme quality. This enables the scent air machines to provide scent for years to come.

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2. Design

The development of the Zaluti scent air machines took place in The Netherlands. Besides that, the scent air machine is also produced in The Netherlands.

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3. Solution

To provide a solution for every branch, Zaluti carefully developed different types of scent air machines. Each branch therefore, can be advised on the correct implementation of scent marketing.

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